Way It Is tribute band

The Way It Is tribute band

The Way It Is tribute band

The Way It Is is a Danish Bruce Hornsby tribute band

Who is Bruce Hornsby?
Bruce Hornsby is an American singer, pianist and composer who has worked with e.g. Bob Dylan, Don Henley, Grateful Dead, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Bela Fleck, Willie Nelson, Chaka Khan, Robbie Robertson, Huey Lewis, and Leon Russell.

We know Hornsby from his magnificent piano playing on the song ”I can’t make you love me” with Bonnie Raitt. It was Hornsby who, together with Don Henley, made the hit ”The End of the Innocence”. Sanne Salomonsen sings the beautiful ballad ”Love me still”. This song was composed by Hornsby and Chaka Khan. But first and foremost Hornsby is probably known from his time with ”Bruce Hornsby and the Range” which had its days of glory in the late eighties. The Grammy Award-winning hit ”The Way It Is” is known to all. This song has later been interpreted by Moonjam, Tupac Shakur, and others. Also, Bruce was the ”secret” keyboard player in Grateful Dead for a number of years.

On Hornby’s CDs you will meet guest musicians such as Elton John, Sting, Pat Matheny, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Bela Fleck, Bonnie Raitt, and many more.

What is the music like?
The reason why so few people seem to know Bruce Hornsby is – in our view – that his music is a little difficult to categorize. But try mixing pop, jazz, bluegrass, and Irish folk music, and you will get some sort of idea what it is all about! Characteristic for all his music, however, is its melodiousness and originality.

Who make up ”The Way It Is”?
”The Way It Is” is a  6 person band that plays nothing but Bruce Hornsby music. All band members have more than twenty years of orchestral experience. Through concerts the band aims to give people – as well as themselves! – a great musical treat in a pleasant atmosphere.

”The Way It Is” had the honour of playing with Bruce Hornsby himself when he was last in Copenhagen, performing at Copenhagen Jazzhouse (September 2004). After the concert Bruce came along with the band to a local music venue and performed two songs with the band. A night to remember!

Come and experience the band’s tribute to the man whom Elton John once called ”the biggest piano player alive today”!

The band:
Jørgen Korsager: Lead vocals, vocals, add. keys
Lars Visnjic Jakobsen: Drums
Mette Seibæk: Lead vocals, vocals, add. keys
Martin Henderson Bødker: Guitar
Carsten ”Fræser” Jakobsen: Bass
Claus Barfoed: Piano, vocals