Richard Hart

Richart Hart

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I operate under the assumption that no one is really interested enough–or actually has time enough–for me to give a question like this the answer it truly deserves–you know, enough time for me to blather on and on about all the autobiographical, psychological, and (Steven Pinker would say) biological underpinnings for such a decision, so I will say, only, that I chose “Go Back To Your Woods” as my contribution to this project because I thought–hoped–that I might be able to find some spot between Bruce’s version and Robbie Robertson’s version where I could bring something of myself to the song without destroying what is so great about it–that is, what I/we love so much about it. Did I get that done? I don’t know. I hope, of course, that I did.

* The keyboard photo included in the montage is courtesy of Chris Owens. Here’s a larger version.